General Information

This service is solely intended to be a tool for comparing odds and other data from various bookmakers. We offer payable services/functionalities which are also in scope of odds comparison tools. Payable services are available to registered users only who comply with the BMBets' terms and conditions. We do not offer bookmaking or services related to bookmaking. In order to place bets, etc. you must access the bookmakers' web sites and comply with the bookmakers' terms and conditions.

Data and Validity

The information at the site comes from the various bookmakers' official web sites and updated on regular basis. However, due to changes in the bookmakers' odds, differences between the information shown at BMBets and current information on the bookmakers' web sites may occur. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check the data on bookmakers’ sites prior placing the bets.

Legal Waiver

BMBets does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss that may be a result of the use (or misuse) of the information posted at BMBets, irrespective of how that loss might be sustained. BMBets does not guarantee winnings and cannot be held liable for losses resulting from the use of information obtained from BMBets.